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At Madurai Foods, we introduce a fresh, homemade style authentic south Indian IDLI, DOSA, ADAI Batters & Masala powders.

Manufacturing Process: Our IDLY, DOSA and ADAI batters and Chutney Powders are manufactured fresh and on a daily basis in an authentic South Indian process. We use in-house designed stone wet grinders to produce fine quality ground IDLY, DOSA, Adai Batters.

Facility: Madurai Foods facility is a USDA approved site to manufacture all the above products. Our facility is located in Alpharetta (Greater Atlanta), GA.

Quality: All our products are completely automated to produce hygienic products. We use all natural ingredients which are twice screened and rinsed. We do not use any preservatives to fasten the fermentation process or to enhance the flavor. The grains, seeds and spices are handpicked and ground in proprietary machines to deliver consistent taste, color and aroma. All our manufacturing happens right here in the Alpharetta facility. Our products, found in the Indian grocery stores in metro Atlanta, Georgia, are favored by the local community for our consistent quality.

We proudly say our products are manufactured in the USA!

Free shipping available for Millets! For your safety and ours, a face mask/face covering is mandatory.

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