Authentic rice-Combo pack

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This Authentic rice combo pack is the best offer for Authentic rice items.


This combo contains 6 packs. To buy this combo pack, select the quantity & continue to checkout, at step 1 of 3, at "Special Instructions about your order",you can mention your requirements of Authentic rice(there should be 6 packs) and complete your order.

You can choose from the following list of Authentic rice:

Kichili Samba Rice-2 Lb
Kullakkar Rice- 2 Lb
Poongar Rice- 2 Lb
Mappillai Samba Rice- 2 Lb

Karunguruvai Rice-2 Lb
Black rice/Kavuni Rice-2 Lb (Limit 1 per order)
Red Rice-2 Lb
Rajamudi Rice-2 Lb
Kattuyanam Rice-2 Lb
Thooyamalli Rice-2 Lb
Bamboo Rice-2 Lb (Limit 1 per order)


If you have any questions email us with your order number.


This Combo is an alternative option for adding the products individually. Before ordering please add them individually and see which option offers the best shipping. If adding the products individually offers lesser shipping cost then please choose that option.