Mappillai Samba Rice-2 lb

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This rice has high nutritional value and are given particularly to Mapilai/ Bridegroom to get increased energy. In folklore, the bridegroom is asked to lift a heavy rock to show his power. Hence, this mappillai samba rice is cooked and served to him to gain loads of energy to lift the rock.

It is not only restricted to bridegrooms, this Mappillai Samba rice is suited for all ages to gain increased energy. 

Its health benefits are:

Improves digestion process

Cures stomach and mouth ulcers

Good for diabetic patients since it is low in carb and low in sugar

Makes the blood flow faster so that our body gets instant energy

Muscles, nerves and blood gets strengthen

Increases immunity and stamina

Little ones will achieve better growth

Eradicates nervous weakness

Controls paralysis

Wondering how to cook?????......Can be cooked as rice, or made as Idli, Dosa, Upuma, Pongal etc.