Free Shipping-Regular Millet Combo - 20 packs

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Available millets:

Foxtail millet/Thinai/Korra/Navane - 2Lbs
Barnyard millet/Kuthiraivali/Odalu/OOdalu - 2Lbs
Kodo millet/Varagu/Arikelu/Harka - 2 Lbs
Little millet/Saamai/Sama/Saame - 2Lbs
Sorghum/Cholam/Jonnalu/Jowar - 2Lbs
Pearl millet/Kambu/Sajjalu - 2Lbs
Proso Millet/Panivaragu/Variga/Baragu - 2Lbs


In combo Free Shipping, We will ship any 20 packs of millets. You can select as per your requirements and mention the required millets & quantity at Special Instructions (step 1 of 3)during the checkout. The package may vary.


How to preserve:   Keep refrigerate or add 2 red chilly.
Note:   No return/no exchange/no refund on millets(opened/un opened)

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